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Solar-Powered Window Design

Imagine a future where vibrant, colourful windows not only brightened your world – they powered it. 

Imagine Kaleidoscope Solar. 

One powerful technology, many applications

We’re not exaggerating when we say our technology is leading (and lighting) the way.

Our coloured glass panels not only generate clear and vivid images, they also generate up to 30 watts of solar-powered electricity per square metre. Not only that, but the technology is rapidly developing further. 

Kaleidoscope Solar is the future of coloured glass panels, and it’s here today.

Christian Imagery

Places of Worship

Kaleidoscope Solar is proving a popular choice for churches and religious institutions looking for a practical and beautiful window solution.


Turn your favourite masterpiece into a window that attracts attention AND generates energy for your home or workplace. 


For an advertising solution with a difference, Kaleidoscope Solar window panels offer a solution your customers will pay attention to.

"This is the perfect technology for residential and commercial applications."

Vivid Colours, Crisp Images

Beautiful glass artworks that can power your world. 

See Kaleidoscope Solar In Action

See examples of our beautiful, solar energy-generating coloured glass panels.

“This is not only a great new technology, it’s the start of a radical new phase of solar power generation.”

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