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ClearVue’s patented advanced glazing technology sits within an activated interlayer sandwiched between two panes of glass.

Through the combination of its proprietary nano and micro particles, the interlayer prevents heat and unwanted solar radiation (UV or Infrared) from penetrating the glass pane.  This energy is then redirected to the edge of the glass for controlled distribution and harvesting through conventional PV solar cells, whilst allowing the natural visible wavelength light to pass through largely unaltered.

The principles of the technology are explained here:


ClearVue Product Qualities Include


  • Energy Produced – 30 watts per sqm (peak)
  • IR & UV Control – approx 90%
  • Insulation properties – Saves heating and cooling costs through superior insulation
  • High Transparency – up to 70%, lets most of the natural light through the glass – perfect for the high definition artwork applications of Zurreal
  • Pay back – the glass window will provide a payback to the building over time
  • The solar glass interlayer has a lifespan exceeding 20 years by using inorganic materials
  • Safe, clean renewable energy with reduced reliance on fossil fuels
  • Reduced electricity network infrastructure costs, especially in remote and rural areas
  • Back-up for existing energy systems
  • The glass will provide a robust payback to a building or structure’s owner and operator.

Compliance and Certification

ClearVue have completed testing and certification for their first window models to comply with Australian Standards (Intertek/AWA) and European Standards (CE).

ClearVue have also successfully completed a 3 x 3 curtain wall test in accordance with AS 4284 in July 2018. ClearVue will be continuing to work with local governments and global reputational testing partners to complete the other required tests, ensuring it products comply with international/local standards such as US Standards, IEC guidelines, Singaporean Standards and Chinese Codes, etc.

Clear Vue Compliance Picture

Technical Properties

Electrical, Optical & Thermal Parameters

For a 1m X 1m ClearVue standard solar unit:

Mechanical & Structural Properties

For a 1m X 1m ClearVue standard solar window:

Mechanical and Structural Properties of ClearVue
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