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ArtPV™ is the product borne of the collaboration between ClearVue Technologies Limited (ClearVue) and Zurreal Pty Ltd (Zurreal).

ClearVue has developed proprietary patent-protected, energy efficient, energy generating, solar glass and window modules (see: www.clearvuepv.com for more information on how it works).

Zurreal has a proprietary high-resolution imaging technique for the application of high-definition artwork, images and advertising onto surfaces including glass.

ArtPV™ combines the best features of the Zurreal artwork with the clear power generating features of ClearVue’s solar windows to create grid-independent power generating art glass displays and advertising panels.

The ArtPV™ product can be implemented for use in many ways, including:

  • as building façades – for example:
    • between floors in a high-rise building as part of a glass curtain wall solution;
    • as whole sections or sides of buildings to provide visual interest to the building and/or provide a more shaded solution for sections of a building that might otherwise employ tinting to reduce visible light entering the building;
    • façade art can take the form of high-definition textures, custom artwork, branding and logos, advertising or promotional content;
  • integrated into the built environment including for use on street furniture such as bus and tram shelters, train stations and highway/road barriers as self-powered lighted see-through art and advertising;
ClearVue Bus Shelter Application
Indicative bus shelter advertising application (image courtesy of ClearVue collaboration partner yStop see: www.ystop.com.au)
  • as indoor or outdoor backlit advertising panels, signage and billboards;
  • in applications where stained glass windows (whether backlit or not) might be used including as artwork or for religious icons and artwork, or for schools and other public buildings; and
  • anywhere else that high-definition art glass is desired that needs to be backlit or the application otherwise requires localised grid-independent power.
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