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Our Story:

Zurreal has developed a proprietary high-resolution imaging process over a number of years.  About 2 years ago, Zurreal approached ClearVue Technologies Limited (ASX CPV) after reading an interesting article about their solar technology for the glass industry.

ClearVue’s patented technology introduces its proprietary nano and micro particle formulation into the PVB lamination interlayer used in ordinary clear laminated glass. This is combined with their proprietary highly efficient low-e reflective coating along with solar PV cells that are incorporated around the edges of an integrated glazing unit (or IGU) to create clear glass solar PV window modules (For more information see: www.clearvuepv.com).

After much discussion with the CEO of ClearVue about the potential value add to the ClearVue product and synergies for integration of Zurreal’s artwork both company’s conducted some preliminary trials together at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia with promising results.

We have since been working together to produce a version of the ClearVue solar PV window that incorporates high resolution artwork and imagery to create what is now a beta version of what ClearVue have called “ArtPV™” and we have called “Kaleidoscope Solar”.

We intend to continue to work together to look at more effective integration of our artwork into ClearVue’s solar window product – the intent being to better integrate the artwork and make lighter more versatile models of a combined solar PV art glazing product.

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